Adding SCIO/Eductor to our health care tool chest has benefitted myself and my children. I love that it is non invasive yet treats all mind/ body systems with no side effects. For many of our health challenges the benefits and healing was noticed quickly  such as with skin problems, blurry eyesight and hormonal balancing. I will continue to use  SCIO/Eductor   as a primary health care treatment plan.


My sister Jagoda in Poland was a passenger in a car which did not stop at a stop sign. As a result she was hit by a bus in full speed at the cross roads. Doctors were giving her 5% chance to survive. They advised my family to disconnect her from life support as eeg indicated brain damage and she was in coma (this sentence was added by Tad as he remembers that). Broken ribs, damaged brain, broken pelvis, pierced bladder with metal bar. We contacted BWT looking for help and learnt that biofeedback technology could be used to help at the distance. Doctors in Poland were focused on keeping her alive. In the same time BWT started intensive work to help speed up healing process. Doctors were amazed how quickly she was recovering. 3 months from the accident she came back home totally healthy. It is hard to believe that with such injuries and such a low chances for survival she is alive and well. 


This is a true testimony. 2 years ago I visited Tad Trent at the time I was suffering with prostate problems and after a few visits the pain was gone. Since then I do not have the problem again Thanks Tad